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Incarnation Crusaders Athletics

CYO Soccer

CYO Soccer 2022

Incarnation School and Prep Students in Grades 4-8 are eligible to play.


Early Registration is open from May 24, 2022 - until June 25, 2022

Late Registration June 26, 2022 – July 10, 2022

Base Price is $55 (uniform short and uniform shirt can be added on) – please note the discount will take place at the very end of the registration. 


·      Players will be slotted into the appropriate team and CYO division.

·      CYO Soccer players will experience a competitive level of play and a corresponding level of commitment is expected from them. 

·      There will normally be two practices a week. Once league play begins, there will usually be one to two games each week - usually one during the week and one on              Saturday, in addition to practice.

·      Regular season will possibly be starting earlier than normal.  CYO is saying mid-August with the playoffs taking place in late September/early October.

·      Player development is very important as is camaraderie, school spirit and displaying good sportsmanship.  

·      Practices for all grades will begin in early August. Coaches will notify players of practice dates and locations.

·      All games will be played in the Dayton area.

·      Students who are planning to play in a select soccer program are welcome to play CYO soccer as well. We will try to coordinate scheduling as best we can. When               schedule conflicts do arise, equal consideration is expected for both programs, and managed per the Incarnation coach’s discretion.

·      Uniform short and uniform shirt can be purchased individually when registering.  If your child has played in years past it is not necessary to purchase a new uniform.           Please make sure to write down what number they will be using if you are NOT purchasing a uniform.


Objective of CYO Soccer - each player will get equal playing time over the course of the season in Grades 4 and 5. Coaches will do their best to get everyone playing time.


Please note, the 6th-8th grade teams will be getting ready for high school and become more competitive. Playing time will be determined by the coach. 


It is rare, but possible that we may have to limit the number of players on a team if there are not enough players to field 2 teams, but too many for 1 team. 


Don't delay in signing up. Late registrations may be not be accepted due to teams who have a full roster.


For more information, please email Brian Szabo at [email protected] or call him at